Traditional stick-and-ball sports have been afforded effective strategic public relations for decades which has been integral to elevating the sports to where they are today. Action sports, on the other hand, in recent decades have tended to rely on word-of-mouth and learn-on-the-fly marketing. Recently, professional agents and public relations practioners have aligned with action sports to engage mainstream media and corporations due to its ever-increasing value in the consumer public. Generations who are 40 years old and younger likely tend to lean towards action sports than the traditional sports because of the specialized entertainment. Furthermore, brand loyalty among action sports fans is high, which is a significant factor in corporate viability.

  MotoPR's expertise starts with previous success within the motorcycle industry working mainly on the professional motocross side with athletes and sponsors, along with experience during the past six years representing action sports clients in motorcycle and rally car racing. Combine this experience with professional successes in community-based public relations campaigns and securing marketing sponsorships and managing partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, as well as working with professional teams and players in baseball, basketball, football and hockey through public relations campaigns.  

Moto Public Relations, LLC (MotoPR) was launched in December 2007 to provide best practice public relations and marketing to action sports to increase public interest and corporate support. Our integrated services include public relations programming, media relations, media training, promotion development, social media, sponsorship marketing, and event management.

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